All Events for the Virtual Pre-Festival will be "comments only"

Registration Requirements

  • Students should be enrolled in grades 6 to 12 and members in good standing in their school's vocal music program.

  • Choirs typically must be comprised of 17 or more students. However, large ensembles (6-20 singers) are welcome to participate in the virtual choral festival this year.

  • Registration opens Sep. 15 and is completed online through this event link

  • The submission fee for each event is $25.

  • Invoice and payment must be postmarked by October 15. Purchase orders are accepted.

  • Fees are non-refundable.

  • The deadline to register and pay is Oct. 15.

  • Video submissions are due by Nov. 5.

  • Video MUST be titled "School Name, Ensemble Name".

  • Directors must upload a PDF of their sheet music via the Dropbox request link. Measures must be numbered. Music must be titled "School Name, Ensemble Name, Song Title"

  • Participants will receive their comments and clinics by Dec. 15, 2021.

Video Requirements

  • Only one video is to be submitted per event, with a pause between repertoire selections. 

  • For "live" style videos: 

  • Before singing, hold up the original copy of the score to the camera. 

  • The video should be treated as a performance, with appropriate conduct and attire.

  • While video quality is not part of the final determination, directors are encouraged to follow these guidelines for proper adjudication: place the camera at a reasonable height, distance, and angle to capture the entire ensemble and the most natural sound quality possible. Use adequate lighting.


  • Each choir is encouraged to perform two selections.  

  • One selection must be from the approved repertoire list. (click to view MSVMA's Required Repertoire Lists).

  • Repertoire is arranged by voicing and divided into levels of difficulty: Primary, Intermediate and Advanced. 

  • JH/MS choirs may select their required piece from the following lists: JH/MS Primary, JH/MS Intermediate, JH/MS Advanced, HS Primary, HS Intermediate, or HS Advanced.

  • High school choirs may select their required piece from the following required lists: JH/MS Advanced, HS Primary, HS Intermediate, and HS Advanced.

  • High School Choirs may choose from the following required list: Primary level high school choirs of all voicings are allowed to use pieces from the JH/MS advanced list for required Festival pieces and junior high/middle school choirs may select from the high school primary list.

  • Popular show tunes, vocal jazz, barbershop, or novelty selections are not to be used. 

  • Choreography is not allowed. However, artful staging and appropriate choral movement that reflect performance practice of the genre is allowed.


  • Accompanists must have original copies of selections.

  • The use of musical scores during performance is optional.

  • When performing music requiring accompaniment, live accompaniment must be used, unless it is avant garde or 21st century music requiring electronic or taped accompaniment as part of the composer's compositional and performance intent. If a school district is not allowing outside accompanists to enter the building due to COVID, an accompaniment track may be used.

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