Weekly Notes 12/09/2021

Thursday, December 09, 2021 4:43 PM | Hannah Miller (Administrator)

With the tragic events last week at Oxford High School, MSVMA would like to take a moment to share our heartfelt sorrow with the families, friends, and community of all involved. To our wonderful friend and colleague, Leo Humbach, we support you. To all members who have felt the ramifications of last week’s events through subsequent threats or renewed fear in your classroom, we feel with you. Hearing about the events of last week has understandably led to a number of questions, one of which is where do we go from here? What role do we play in healing and moving forward? These questions are not often met with answers and words seem to fall short in any attempt at consolation or understanding. “Where words fail, music speaks.” I hope that music can bring peace in some way to this situation. Peace to the turmoil. Peace to the heartache. Peace to the fear.

There will be rest, and sure stars shining
Over the rooftops crowned with snow,
A reign of rest, serene forgetting,
The music of stillness holy and low.
I will make this world of my devising
Out of a dream in my lonely mind.
I shall find the crystal of peace, above me
Stars I shall find.

- Sara Teasdale

Congratulations to our 2022 Teacher of the Year nominees!  

Carole Conrad
Angel Gippert
Sheri Petersen
Mandy Scott
Matthew Snell
Samara Valla
Erich Wangeman
Kevin Wells
Tamara Williams
Gail Worden
Jeffrey Zurkan

To learn more about our nominees, visit msvma.org/TOY.


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At 3:00 pm on Friday, January 28 the community of MSVMA (and anyone else at MMC) will come together to sing and share songs that uplifts, inspires and fills you/us with JOY! We need your input as we put together the music for this session.

If you have a song that brings back strong memories associated with it or a song that lifts you up, please share your selection in the form below. You are also welcome to add your title on the MSVMA Discussion Page on Facebook. We look forward to singing with our colleagues and coming together to lift our voices in song.

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