High School and JH/MS State Choral Festival

State Choral Festival is an educational opportunity designed to encourage your students to develop their performance. You and your students will have the opportunity to hear some of the most advanced and accomplished choirs in Michigan. The adjudication team will provide assessment by nationally recognized master choral clinicians who are selected for their outstanding and engaging work with choirs. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Qualifying performance of Division I - Excellent at District Festival
  • Choir must be comprised of 17 or more students. 
  • It is expected that the choir will consist of the same members who performed at District Choir Festival.  

Registration and Payment

Festival Scheduler

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Registration Instructions

Fees are $195 per choir.  Fees for the UP are $100. Fees are non-refundable.

Deadline for registration and payment is March 27, 2023.

Payment can be made by school check or director’s personal check payable to MSVMA and must be postmarked by the deadline. Purchase orders are acceptable at the postmark deadline, but the State Office must receive payment by April 16, 2022.

Invoices and checks for fees payable to MSVMA should be mailed to:

P.O. Box 1131
Big Rapids, MI  49307

For registration questions, contact State Events Scheduling Coordinator, Julia Holt, or Director of State Events, Kathy Cunningham.

Transfer Request Guidelines

Directors may request a transfer from their school’s assigned site to a different site. Large numbers of event transfers can disrupt festival management. Directors are encouraged to perform at their school’s regionally assigned site unless:

  • Travel from your school to the site exceeds 150 miles or 3 hours.
  • Your school district is not in session on the performance date. (Examples: spring break, state-mandated testing.

The deadline for all State Event Transfer Requests is February 15. Requests will be considered according to capacity and criteria above. Requests that exceed capacity or do not meet criteria may not be approved. For questions, please contact kathycunningham@msvma.org

Transfer Request Form 


  • Each choir must perform three selections.  District Choral Festival literature requirements apply.
  • One selection must be from the approved repertoire list. (click to view MSVMA's Required Repertoire Lists) 
  • One selection must be unaccompanied, but may include non-pitched percussion or body percussion.
  • Popular show tunes, vocal jazz, barbershop, or novelty selections are not to be used. 
  • Choreography is not allowed. However, artful staging and appropriate choral movement that reflect performance practice of the genre is allowed.


  • State Festival participation includes three components: warm-up, performance and clinic.
  • Each component is allocated 15 minutes which includes the time needed to enter and exit the warm-up room, stage or clinic room. Choirs that exceed this time in any of the components may be stopped. 
  • Every attempt will be made to honor performance date and time request.  However, schools sending multiple groups cannot be assured of having them scheduled on the same day. 
  • Choirs may be scheduled to sing from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Accompanists must have original copies of selections.
  • Choirs must provide one original score of the selections with measures numbered for each of the adjudicators. Failure to do so will result in a no final determination rating.
  • Any changes in the literature must be submitted through the online scheduler seven days prior to the first day of the Festival.  Changes in repertoire after this date will result in a ‘no final determination’ rating.

Final Determination

Final determination will be assessed by totaling the final scores from the performance adjudicators. 

 Division I  Excellent 90 - 72
 Division II  Good 54 - 71
 Division III  Fair 53 - 36
 Division IV  Developing 35 - 18

Director of State Events
Kathy Cunningham

Supervisor of State Choral Festivals
Brian Leduc



May 1-2, 2023

Districts 1, 2, 3, 5 & 9 
District 7 Montcalm County schools

Amy Schroeder

Festival Coordinator 


Alma College

Alma, MI

Will Nichols

April 24-26, 2023

Districts 4 & 16

Brian Leduc

Festival Coordinator



Catherine Lykins 
Rochester High School 
1361 Walton Blvd

Rochester Hills, MI 48309

May 3-5, 2023

Districts 8, 11, 12, & 15 and schools
Berry and Ionia County schools (Districts 7 & 10)

Brendan Closz

Festival Coordinator


Host: Clayton Parr

Albion College

April 14, 2023

Districts 13 & 14

Sheila Grazulis

Festival Coordinator 


Host: TBD


May 5, 8, 9, 2023

Districts 6, 7 & 10

Pam Pierson

Festival Coordinator



Eric Reyes

Hope College Music Department

Jack Miller Center for Musical Arts

221 Columbia Avenue

Holland, MI 49423


Michigan School Vocal Music Association

P.O. Box 1131

Big Rapids, MI 49307-1131

(231) 592 - 9344


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