State Honors Choirs

Auditions for the three State Honors Choirs will take place during the rehearsals of the Regional Honors Choirs. All students, including those not wishing to be considered for one of the State Honors Choirs, will be asked to sing parts from several of the pieces which have been selected. Students will have these pieces memorized for the regional rehearsals. Unprepared singers will not be selected. A short intermediate level sight reading exercise will be included at the State Honors Choirs audition.  

Students must participate and audition on the voice parts they were assigned at the October audition. Singers will be rated on a point system (sample form in the Forms and Applications section of this document). Those students with the highest ratings in each voice part will be selected and assigned to a State Honors Choir. The number of students accepted from each region is based on the number of students per region auditioning for the State Honors Choirs.

The results of State Honors Choirs auditions will be posted at the end of the Regional Honors Choirs performance. Each State Honors Choir student will pick up a folder that contains the music, rehearsal schedule and location information and the forms that must be completed and returned to the High School Honors Choir Supervisor. Each teacher must review the materials with students and collect the forms as indicated on the schedule.

Students selected for a State Honors Choir will not be allowed to participate in All-State Band or All-State Orchestra as these groups rehearse at the same time in January. If a student’s school group is performing at the MMC, he/she will be excused to participate for the warm-up and performance only.

2019-2020 Schedule

December 9 - State Honors Choir registration deadline

January 16-18 - State Honors Choir at MMC

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