Virtual Solo & Ensemble Festival

Please read the following details closely, as the process is different with the virtual festival format!


  • All students 6-12th grade may participate as soloists or in ensembles, receiving a Final Determination or comments only.


  • The director OR individual students may complete the registration application.
  • Registration is completed online through this event link. For technical issues, contact
  • The submission fee for each event is $25.
  • Invoice and payment must be postmarked by the deadline. Invoices must have all the required signatures to be accepted. Purchase orders are accepted.
  • Registration will open on October 1 and the deadline to register and pay is November 30.
  • No late registrations will be accepted.
  • On December 1, a Dropbox request for video submissions will be sent to paid registrants.
  • Video submissions are due by December 15.
  • Video MUST be titled "Last Name, First Name, School".
  • Students must upload PDF's of their sheet music via the Dropbox request. Music must be titled "Last Name, First Name, Song Title"
  • Participants will receive their adjudicated scores and comments by January 22.

Video Requirements

  • Only one video is to be submitted per event, with a pause between repertoire selections.
  • Video submissions must be in a "live" format without edits.
  • Before singing, hold up the original copy of the score to the camera.
  • The video should be treated as a performance, with appropriate conduct and attire.
  • While video quality is not part of the final determination, singers are encouraged to follow these guidelines for proper adjudication: place the camera at a reasonable height, distance, and angle to capture the entire singer and the most natural sound quality possible. Use adequate lighting. Avoid people, pets, or personal items visible in the background.


  • Soloists must sing two age appropriate songs of contrasting nature. These songs should be from the art song, oratorio, or operatic repertory, but only one post-baroque aria may be performed.* 
  • When choosing literature, soloists can use this Suggested Repertoire list as a guide. There is no longer a required list for soloists.
  • If multiple strophic verses are included in the original work, it is acceptable to select two (or more if needed) in the interest of time
  • If an original work repeats without any changes to text or musical content, it is acceptable to eliminate the repeat sign in the interest of time (da capo arias)
  • Accompanists are encouraged to reduce lengthy introductions and interludes in the interest of time.
  • Popular, show/musical tunes, vocal jazz, barbershop or novelty selections are not acceptable.
*An art song is usually written for one voice with piano accompaniment in the classical art music tradition. In German it is called lieder; in French, chanson.  An art song is a complete composition in itself and is not part of a larger work such as an opera or oratorio. 


      • Soloists must perform from memory to receive a final determination.
      • Ensembles may use music.
      • Instrumental accompaniment other than piano is allowed but must not detract from the performance. This includes the use of a backing track.
      • Small ensembles consist of 2 – 5 singers.
      • Large ensembles consist of 6 – 20 singers.
      • The personnel of the ensemble shall not change from one selection to the other.
      • Performance time may not exceed 8 minutes.
      • Choreography is not allowed. However, artful staging and appropriate choral movement that reflect performance practice of the genre is allowed.
      • Students may participate in multiple events.

      Final Determination

      l Excellent  30-24
      ll Good  23-18
      lll Fair  17-12
      lV  11-6


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