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JHMS State Choral Festival

JMS State Choral Festival Information 2012

Adjudication Forms are located in the 
MSVMA Library

Deadlines, Fees, and Registration Information

Application Deadline:  March 27, 2014

Transfer Deadline:  November 15, 2013 

( see guidelines below )

Supervisor of State Events – Pam Pierson   piersonp@westottawa.net

Performance eligibility requirements:

     A Choir must be comprised of 17 or more students from within the high school of the school district.

     Choir must have received a Superior or Excellent score at District Choral Festival.

     It is expected that the choir will consist of the same members who performed at District Choir Festival.

Eligibility requirements:

     Each Choir may sing two or three selections.

Ø  One selection must be from the approved repertoire list.  (link)

Ø  Popular show tunes, vocal jazz, barbershop, gospel, or novelty selections are not to be used. 

     Choreography is not allowed.

     Choirs must not use illegally reproduced copies of music.  (Accompanists must have original copies.)

     Choirs must provide four copies of the selections with measures clearly numbered for the adjudicators. 

     Any changes in the literature must be emailed to the Festival Supervisor no later than one week prior to the first day of the festival. 

Registration requirements:

     Online registration must be completed by the deadline.  (link)

     One completed and signed registration form postmarked or hand delivered to Festival Supervisor by stated deadline.

     $160 fee per choir by check or purchase order made payable to MSVMA postmarked or hand delivered to Festival Supervisor by state deadline.  If submitting purchase order, payment must be received no later than one week prior to the festival.  Personal checks are acceptable from the director only.


Additional information:

     Choirs will not be assigned a rating but will receive written comments

from three adjudicators and have a clinic session with a fourth

adjudicator upon completion of the performance. 

     In signing the registration form, the principal and the director agree to:

§  follow all the rules and regulations as specified in the MSVMA handbook.

§  ensure that all students who perform are in good standing in the school’s vocal music program.

§  supervise the students from their school to ensure proper conduct at the festival.   (Suggested guideline is one chaperone per fifteen students.)

Ø  Improper student conduct may result in sanctions being imposed by the MSVMA Executive Board.

     Maximum stage time is 15 minutes.  This time includes the performance of the three pieces and the time needed to enter and exit the stage.  Choirs that exceed this time may be stopped.

     There will be a 15 minute clinic following performance.

     There will be no sight reading for this event. 

     Every attempt will be made to honor performance date and time requests.  However, schools sending multiple groups cannot be assured of having them scheduled on the same day. 

     Choirs may be scheduled to sing as early as 8 a.m. or as late as 10 p.m.

     Nationally recognized master choral clinicians will be selected for this event.

     All questions should be directed to your State Choir Festival Supervisor.


Participants may purchase ‘participation’ medals at $4 each.

Transfer request guidelines:

     Transfer request must be submitted to the Executive Board Director of State Events (link) by November 15 of the current school year.

§  A transfer will not be granted due to preference of site, unless a school‘s traveling time exceeds 3 hours or is a distance greater than 150 miles to the assigned site.

§  Transfers will be considered if the requested site is closer to the member school unless a large number of transfer requests could overload any site.

§  Transfers may also be granted when state events conflict with schools‘spring breaks or state testing.

§  ** New as of 2014**  The State Event transfer guidelines will allow for schools with school related conflicts to transfer on a first come, first serve basis.   The transfer will be approved provided the requested site is not full.   Approval and notification will be given after scheduling is complete.  All other past policy is still in place.

Choirs receiving a final determination of Superior or Excellent at District Choral Festival shall qualify to participate in State Choral Festival

(total from four judges)

Superior=     120-112
Excellent=     111-96
Good=          95-72
Fair=            71-46
Poor=           45-24

Jr. High/Middle School State Choral Festival Essential Information:

*******NEW AS OF 2014*******
All eliglible Jr. High/Middle School Choirs that qualify for State Choral Festival may attend the same site as High School Choirs.  See below for district information.  The Southeast JMS site has been eliminated.

South Site                   April 24-25, 2014

Districts:          8, 11, 12 and 15

Supervisor:       Monty Bishop

Email:     mailto:montybishop@msvma.org                                

Send Materials To:      Monty Bishop, Holt HS, 5885 West Holt Rd., Holt 48842

Phone Number:      517-699-7457

Festival Location:      Holt High School

East Site             April 29 and 30 , 2014

Districts:                                  3,4 and 16

Supervisor:                              Margaret Payne

Email:    mailto:margepayne@msvma.org

Send Materials To:     Margaret Payne, 968 Beckley, Oxford  48371

Phone Number:        248-561-5535

Festival Location:    Walled Lake Northern HS 6000 Bogie Lake Rd, Commerce Twp, MI 48382



West Site                April  22 and 23,  2014

Districts:                                  6, 7 and 10

Supervisor:                              Les Rowsey

Email:      mailto:lesrowsey@msvma.org

Send Materials To:                  Les Rowsey, Jenison HS, 2140 Bauer Rd., Jenison  49428

Phone Number:      616-667-3397 

(direct line to Choir Office – 616-617-6383

Festival Location:      Jenison HS, 2140 Bauer Rd., Jenison             

Central Site                May 6 and 7,  2014

Districts:                                  1,2,5 and 9

Supervisor:                              Emerick Dee

Email:    mailto:emerickdee@msvma.org                                 

Send Materials To:     Emerick Dee, Roscommon HS, 

P.O. Box 825 10600 Oakwood Dr. Roscommon, 48653

Phone Number:     School – 989-275-6675, 

Cell – 989-808-4700

Festival Location:     Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant

UP Site                       March 21 and 22,  2014

Districts:     13 and 14

Supervisor:    Jan Broderson

Email:            mailto:janbrodersen@msvma.org 

Send Materials To:   Jan Brodersen

Phone Number:     906-225-5383

Festival Location:      Lake Superior Christian Church


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