MSVMA membership schools are encouraged to participate in District Choral Festivals. Students should be enrolled in grades 6 to 12 and members in good standing in their school's vocal music program.  Choirs must be comprised of 17 or more students.

Junior high/middle school choirs are encouraged to enter junior high school or senior high festivals. Ninth grade students should perform at the same level in all events throughout the year and are expected to meet the performance standards of the level in which they participate.


  • Each choir must perform two selections.  
  • One selection must be from the approved repertoire list. (click to view MSVMA's Required Repertoire Lists)
  • Repertoire is arranged by voicing and divided into levels of difficulty: Primary, Intermediate and Advanced. 
  • JH/MS choirs may select their required piece from the following lists: JH/MS Primary, JH/MS Intermediate, JH/MS Advanced, HS Primary, HS Intermediate, or HS Advanced.  JH/MS choirs can choose their level of sight reading, independent of the level of their required piece, but must sight read the voicing of their required number.  For example, a JH/MS choir could sing a piece off the HS Primary list, but choose to sight read JH/MS Intermediate.  
  • High school choirs may select their required piece from the following required lists: JH/MS Advanced (and sight read HS Primary), HS Primary, HS Intermediate, and HS Advanced.  High school choirs must sight read the level and voicing of their required piece.  
  • High School Choirs may choose from the following required list: Primary level high school choirs of all voicings are allowed to use pieces from the JH/MS advanced list for required Festival pieces and junior high/middle school choirs may select from the high school primary list.
  • Popular show tunes, vocal jazz, barbershop, gospel or novelty selections are not to be used. 
  • Choreography is not allowed.


  • District Festival participation includes warm-up, performance, clinic and sight reading.
  • Every attempt will be made to honor performance date and time request.  Schools sending multiple groups cannot be assured of same day scheduling. 
  • Choirs may be scheduled to sing from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Accompanists must have original copies of selections.
  • Soloist and Ensembles must provide one original scores of the selections with measures numbered for the adjudicator. Failure to do so will result in a "no final determination" rating.
  • The use of musical scores during performance is optional.
  • Performances will be recorded.
  • When performing music requiring accompaniment, live accompaniment must be used, unless it is avant garde or 21st century music requiring electronic or taped accompaniment as part of the composer's compositional and performance intent.
  • Allotted performance time includes stage entrance and exit.
  • Any changes in the literature must be emailed to the District Manager one week prior to the first day of the Festival.  Changes in repertoire after this date will result in a "no final determination" rating.

Registration requirements

  • A completed and signed registration form should be postmarked or hand delivered to the District Manager.  Fees and deadlines are determined by each District. Please consult your District Page for details.
  • Registration is completed online using the Festival Scheduler.  Online scheduling questions should be directed to Andrea Gay at
  • In signing the registration form, the principal and the director agree to supervise the students from their school to ensure proper conduct at the Festival. Improper student conduct may result in sanctions by the MSVMA Executive Board.
  • Choirs must pay fees at the time of registration. Invoices must have all the required signatures to be accepted. Purchase orders will not be accepted. 
  • Payment should be made by school check or director’s personal check payable to MSVMA and must be postmarked by the deadline. Fees are non-refundable.
  • Failure to meet established district deadlines will result in your events not being scheduled or an additional late registration fee per your District policy.

Choral Festival - Optional Choir Background Information

Are there circumstances related to your choir that you would like to share with festival adjudicators?

MSVMA has created an opportunity for you to share information about your choir through its new Choir Background Information form. This new option helps you convey circumstances or information to adjudicators.

To complete the Choral Background Information form, visit and click on your District page. Download and complete the fillable PDF form. Save the file including your last name in the file name and print the document and attach it to your music for adjudicators.

For more information about the Choral Background Information form, you may contact your district manager.

Form Choral Festival - Optional Choir Background Information 2.12.18.pdf

Sight Reading

All choirs are required to sight read at District Choral Festival, regardless of whether they are participating for a Final Determination or Comments Only. Choirs attending for Comments Only may request a clinic experience from the sight reading adjudicator.

Click the following Sight Reading Guidelines 


Choirs receives adjudication from three performance adjudicators and one sight reading adjudicator. Written comments will support the scoring decisions of the adjudicators.

Directors are encouraged to complete an online Adjudicator Performance Evaluation immediately following a Festival. Adjudicators will not see the actual evaluation and director identification. A summary of the adjudicator's evaluations will be shared with him/her at the end of the school year.


If a school wishes to transfer to another district for district festival, the following steps must be completed:

  • Contact your district managers and those of the district that you wish to transfer to and explain your request. Permission must be granted by all district managers involved.
  • Once permission from all district managers has been obtained, submit the District Event Transfer Form by November 15. Click to access the form.
  • Shortly after November 15, the president elect will review requests and inform the applicants of the decision.

Final Determination

Final determination will be assessed by totaling the final scores from the performance adjudicators. Directors or their official designee may pick up their rating sheets and recordings at the end of the Festival.

District Choral Festival (total from four judges)

 I Excellent  96-120 
 II Good   72-95
 III Fair   46-71
 IV Developing   24-45

Choirs with a final determination of I qualify for State Choral Festival.

Medals and Plaques

Participants with a Final Determination of Division I - Excellent or Division II - Good may purchase medals for $4 each.

Choirs receiving Excellent ratings may purchase an awards plaque. Orders can be placed through the State Office using the Choral Festival Plaque Order Form.  

Choirs receiving a final determination of Excellent at District Choral Festival shall qualify to participate in State Choral Festival

    JHMS State Choral Festival Information
      HS State Choral Festival Information

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