State Office
PO Box 1131
Big Rapids MI  49307-1131
(231) 592-9344 - Phone  (231) 592-9345 - FAX

District Festival Scheduler
Andrea Gay

State Festival Scheduler
Marge Payne

Director of Operations
Debra Jacks

Membership & Technology Services Manager
Christine Seyler

Adjudication Scheduling Coordinator
Nancy Bray

2017-2019 MSVMA Executive Board

Mark Krempski


Julia Holt

Director of State Festival Events

Bert Van Dyke

Past President
Steven Lorenz

Summer Conference, Michigan Youth Arts & Specialized Festivals 2015-19
Eric Cadena

Director of Sight Reading and 
Music Selection
Brandon Ulrich

President Elect
Angel Gippert

Director of Honors Choirs 
Eric Floetke

District Managers

District 1
Scott Emelander

District 4
Michael Peterson

District 7
Kathryn Becksvoort

District 10
Erin Stier

District 13/14
John Beck

District 2
Tamara Grove Williams

District 5
Jessica Nieuwkoop

District 8
Adam Boyce

District 11
Joel Moore            

District 15
Patrice DeBose

District 3
Steven Holovach

District 6
Katherine Rohwer

District 9
Jean Brown-Baker

District 12
Todd Schreiber

District 16
Leo Humbach

Supervisor Positions 2017 - 2019

6-7-8-9 Honors Choir Supervisor
Gail Worden

State Solo & Ensemble Festival Supervisor

Cindy Hunter

Summer Workshop, Supervisor 2

Kent Wattleworth

High School Music Selection Supervisor

Brandon Johnson

Student Membership Supervisor

Amy Hall (2017-18 only)

High School Honors Choir Supervisor

Matt Laura

State Choral Festival Supervisor

Mitchell Osadchuk

Advocacy Supervisor

Joseph Daniel

Adjudication Supervisor

Steve Hinz

Special Events Supervisor
Lyn CieChanski

Summer Workshop, Supervisor 1

Helen Hansens

MI Youth Arts Festival Supervisor

Bryce Thompson

JHMS Music Selection Supervisor

Carrie Ledet

As innovative leaders in vocal music education, we provide experiences to inspire our diverse community.
Our vision is to reach the hearts of all people through song.

The MSVMA Offices are located in the Timme Building on the campus of Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Michigan.

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