2018 MMC MSVMA Schedule of Events

Thursday January 25th

  • 9am-11am MSVMA Conducting Symposium

  • 6pm MSVMA Middle School State Honors Choir

  • 8:30pm Thursday Evening Concert

Friday January 26th

  • 8am- Most Recommended Choral Music from 20 State Music Lists- Jim Watson (Defiance College)

  • 8am- College/Student Focus: Student Membership Breakfast Reception- Steven Lorenz (Ann Arbor Pioneer High School)

  • 8am- Warm-Ups and Voice Building for Middle School Singers- Andrea VanDeusen (East Carolina University)

  • 9am- Headliner Session “Ensemble Building Warm-Up Techniques”- Dr. David Fryling (Hofstra University)

  • 10am- Team It…To Sing It!- James Cummings (Jackson Northwest Kidder Middle School)

  • 10am- Circlesinging for Squares: Improv Games in Every Ensemble- Sarah Price (Saline High School)

  • 11am- Student Teaching- The Mentor/Mentee Relationship- Amy Vorhees-Hall (Michigan State University)

  • 11am- Beyond Love Songs: Elevating Women’s Ensembles- Dee Gauthier (Western Michigan University)

  • 1pm- To Sing or Not to Sing: Why and How We Select Repertoire for Young Singers- Ken Prewitt (Western Michigan University), Richard Fracker (Michigan State University) and Frances Brockington (Wayne State University)

  • 1pm- Focusing on the Artistry: Embedding Musicality in the First Choral Rehearsal- Jennifer Sengin (Michigan State University) and Zachary Coles (Michigan State University)

  • 1pm- How Low Can You Go? Recruitment, Pedagogy and Repertoire for Developing Tenors and Basses- David Mann (Michigan State University)

  • 1pm- Headliner Session “A Creative Space: Conducting and Nurturing Creative Singers”- Dr. David Fryling (Hofstra University)

  • 2pm- Color Outside the Lines: Playing with Tone in the Choral Rehearsal- Amy Vorhees-Hall (Michigan State University)

  • 2pm- “Choral Clich├ęs”- Establishing and Maintaining Rules for Excellence in Your Choral Rehearsal- Dr. Kimberly Dunn Adams (Western Michigan University)

  • 2pm- A Theory of Multiple Intelligences: Working with the Adolescent Brain/Voice- Thomas Blue (Rochester Adams High School)

  • 3pm- MSVMA Choral Hour

  • 5pm- MSVMA Annual Meeting and Reception

  • 8pm- MSVMA Specialized Choral Hour and Vocal Jazz Honors Choir

Saturday January 26th

  • 8am- Demystify the Voice- Dr. Rachael Gates (Grand Valley State University)

  • 8am- Reading Session- Repertoire- all voicings- Dr. Brandon Ulrich (Stoney Creek High School)

  • 8am- Finishing the Hat: Creating and Building your Musical Theatre Program- Meghan Eldred (Dewitt High School)

  • 9am-11am Headliner Session “An Invitation to the Dance: Conducting without Fear” with demo choir from Clarkston High School and conducting symposium- Dr. David Fryling (Hofstra University)

  • 9am- How do you do that? Teaching Diversity in Choral Styles for the 21st Century- Michael Mitchell (Oakland University)

  • 10am- Expressive Choral Performance through Text and Dynamic Interpretation- Robert Oster (Lakewood Area Choral Society)

  • 10am- Enhancing the Choral Art through Dalcroze Eurhythmics- Richard Schnipke (Bowling Green State University)

  • 11am- Discovering Talent: Strategies to Recruit New Students into the School Choral Program- Jennifer Sengin (Michigan State University)

  • 11am- The View: Headliner Panel Discussion- Steven Lorenz (Ann Arbor Pioneer High School)

  • 1pm- MSVMA Choral Hour

  • 3pm- MSVMA High School State Honors Choir           

As innovative leaders in vocal music education, we provide experiences to inspire our diverse community.
Our vision is to reach the hearts of all people through song.

The MSVMA Offices are located in the Timme Building on the campus of Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Michigan.

MSVMA provides musical experiences that embrace diversity, foster connections, empower student musicians, and create community.  MSVMA is dedicated to including all people, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, national origin, or disability.  

MSVMA encourages each member to work with their school administration to ensure a positive and inclusive learning environment, allowing flexibility for all students when placing singers in voice part/gender specific ensembles for which they identify and demonstrate the necessary vocal range, offering varied options for concert attire, and increasing awareness of all aspects of the changing voice.  Our vision is to reach the hearts of all people through song.

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